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About Us

Who We Are

Media Business Association of Taipei(MBAT) is the icon of the media publishing industry in Taiwan. Since its foundation in 1996, MBAT has brought together 138 of the most prestigious journals and 22 of the most iconic online media and platform service providers in Taiwan, serving our 8.8 million members who are excellent and regular readers.

In 2021, in response to the changes in this industry and users' needs, MBAT has changed its name from "Magazine Business Association of Taipei" to "Media Business Association of Taipei". It is to connect the entire ecosystem of the media industry, create better content, pass down the values of our society and generate lots of buzz. MBAT will also work with various platforms, including news, art, content, events, distribution, the public sector and the academia, to showcase Taiwan’s refreshing, diverse and rich culture and creativity to the world.

Magazine Titles


Digital Media & Distribution Service Providers

What We Do

Connect Global Media

MBAT organizes cross-industry, cross-national and interdisciplinary courses and seminars annually, connecting the professionals in various fields, including the media, publishing, printing, digital distribution, service platforms, digital technology and media data to find a way out for the media industry in Taiwan.

Develop Media Expertise

Our annual courses and events cultivate the media industry with thousands of participants each year, bringing together the professional know-how and talents from the top media companies in Taiwan.

Promote CSR Activities

By promoting the habit of reading and organizing events such as the "Magazine History Exhibition" and "Magazine Toward Life", MBAT has improved the next generation's reading skills, sense of beauty and good taste in life. Meanwhile, MBAT publishes charity groups’ advertisements at these events to fulfill our social responsibility as a member of the media industry.

Cohere Policy Advisory

By gaining an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing Taiwan's content marketing industry and compiling the opinions from those in this industry, MBAT can provide policy suggestions that can better the industry's development.